2016 Keynote

Marcia Kish has been working and implementing the Blended and Personalized Learning model across the country. Her most recent projects have been working with schools to implement rotation blended learning that focuses in on use data to drive the learning that allow students to move at their own pace, place, and path. 

Marcia has presented workshops on Blended Learning at the OETC 2014/15, ISTE 2014/15, College Campus Technology Conference 14, NWEA Fusion East 2014, Teaching and Learning iPad Conference, CUE 2015, and SITE 2015. Marcia Kish has 18 years of teaching experience. Eleven of those years were working for Worthington City Schools as a classroom and technology teacher. Four years as a professional development coordinator and blended learning coach for DSD Professional Development and one year as a Director of a Blended Learning School in Central Ohio. Marcia graduated from the University of Dayton with her bachelor degree in Elementary Education in 1998. She earned her master’s degree in Instructional Technology K-12 in 2007 from National University. Marcia is also an adjunct professor for Ashland University in Ohio.

Marcia's workshops are all hands-on and differentiated for each type of learner. Her largest professional development workshop contained 150+ teachers. Each teacher walked away learning at their own pace, place, path, and were able to successfully implement the data tools into the rotational blended learning classroom.

The DSD Professional Development team has presented at many conferences from around the country including ISTE 14 and 15, CUE 15, OETC 14 and 15, NWEA Fusion East. Over the last year, we have presented to a total of 1,352 for a total of 238 hours of professional development on blended learning. The DSD Professional Development team created the Blended Learning Cookbook, a resource that provides information on the application of blended learning. Feel free to view the resources at http://www.blendedlearningcookbook.com

Not only is the DSD Professional Development team presenting at conferences but we are also working as Blended Learning Coaches with schools around the country. Below is a list of some of the schools that we are currently working with to help implement the blended learning model.

• Moriah School: implementing blended learning with their 1st through 8th grade classrooms.

• Noam: working as a blended learning coach with their 3rd and 4th grade team

• Mentor High Schools: working as a blended learning coach with the 9th through 12th grade teachers.

• Edison High School: working with the high school teachers to create rotational blended learning model.