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Playlist - your collections of various YouTube videos about one topic (biology, Civil War, Brain Breaks, etc). Decide what to name your playlists and then find and "save" videos into that list.

How to create a playlist:

Subscribe to a Channel - a channel is the collection of uploaded videos by a person or business. You "subscribe" to channels so you can easily find them and know when they've added new videos.

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YouTube Video

YouTube Capture App for iPad to upload video directly to YouTube

Sharing videos - Public, Unlisted or Private?

Creating a SlideShow in YouTube

You can now edit videos right in YouTube! The editor is simple and easy to use. You can trim video, add pictures, combine videos, add text, create transitions, add music, change the lighting and stabilize your videos. You can also add captions to videos!

How to use the YouTube Video Editor
Download music and add to projects

Making YouTube videos interactive
You can make clickable areas on the video, therefore making it interactive! You could create a quiz - students make choice which then impacts the next video they watch. Students can make "choose your own adventure" videos!
Note: Annotations DO NOT appear on mobile, tablet and TV devices.

Example of Interactive Video For Classroom