Cloud Technologies

Definition from Wikipedia

Cloud computing is the delivery of computing as a service rather than a product, whereby shared resources, software, and information are provided to computers and other devices as a utility (like the electricity grid) over a network (typically the Internet).

My definition

Basically, the information that you want to create, save, and store can be done by an external source that allows a user to access it from anywhere they can access the internet.

Benefits for my classroom

1. Accessibility from any internet ready device.
2. A lot of space is available in "the cloud".
3. Free space often equals faster running devices.
4. Information can stay with the user as long as they have an active account with that service. (ie. Google docs)
5. Ease of sharing student work
6. Students will always know where their assignment is.
7. Less materials to forget to bring to class.
8. No more sloppy handwriting:)

Disadvantages for my classroom

1. Most cloud technologies require an internet connection to edit. "I hope the internet isn't down today!"
2. A user agreement must be signed that may require you to give up total control.
(it is the internet, you can't just destroy it)
3. Most free cloud technologies make money with upgrades and advertisements. Most ads are harmless, but you are not in control of them.
4. Ease of sharing student work

The world of Google!

I. Student's must have an account to access.
    A. Can be private
    B. Can be created by the school
        1. Limited access can be part of a school account
            a. Email
            b. Picasa

II. Google docs
    A. Created by teacher
        1. Make a master document and allow students to view (notes)
        2. Make a worksheet for students to copy, then edit, and send back to you (chapter review)
        3. Create an activity for students to edit in groups simultaneously (research paper - 3 point essay)
        4. Use like a Blog (easy to monitor and rules must be created and discussed)
        5. Private communication with student or groups (if no email access)
        6. Can share work with parents if they have a Gmail account
    B. Created by student
        1. Key Terms and People / Vocab
            a. From textbook
            b. From powerpoint
        2. Create a journal for a group activity
        3. Idea list (Iowa Hall of Pride selections)
        4. Private communication with teacher or groups (if no email access)
III. Google Presentation
    A. Good for basic "Powerpoint" slideshows
        1. Easy import of photos
        2. Simple layouts
        3. Easy Text layout
        4. Video downloads from Youtube (if not blocked)
        5. No sound?
        6. Uploading vids from local computer is a little challenging
    B. Great project for assigning slides
    C. No more USB flash drives and presentation software compatibility issues
    D. Can not edit in mobile view (ipad)
IV. Google Sites
    A. Visibility
        1. Control of public view is wonderful
            a. Sensitive information
            b. Team Stats
            c. Unprofessional work
                aa. Sloppy work
                bb. Inappropriate items
    B. Layout
        1. Several options available
        2. Appropriate
        3. Organized
        4. Need time to create and enhance looks for customization
    C. Organization
        1. Allows you to display your works
        2. Viewers can comment
    D. Gadgets!
V. Google Forms
    A. Assignments
        1. Multiple choice, T/F, etc...
    B. Organization
        1. Spreadsheet view
        2. Form view