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Alexa Hoffman Possibilities in the Art Classroom This session will be an overview of technology possibilities in the art classroom. It will cover both teacher and student use of Blogspot, Pinterest, Facebook and document cameras. Bedford & Harlan  
Allison Berryhill, Liz Huggins Model Classroom - Language Arts Use Google Forms and Google Docs to deliver instruction that is differentiated, engaging, and rigorous. English teachers Allison Berryhill and Liz Huggins will demonstrate how to use Web 2.0 tools to self-identify need for instruction and interact with higher-order thinking in the high school English setting. Be prepared for high engagement! Bedford & Harlan  
Andy Ruff, Ron Russell Bookshare: Helping Students with Disabilities Access Print in the Classroom Due to funding by OSEP, qualifying Iowa students with vision disabilities, physical disabilities or severe reading disabilities can have free access to Bookshare collections. Students can have access to the full text of books in digital format, for multi-modal reading with both visual and audio (through synthetic text to speech). An inexpensive Ipad app is also available, allowing qualifying students to access their Bookshare texts. Consideration of alternate formats of instructional materials/texts is a required consideration in the IEP process (consideration of NIMAS eligibility). For students with the need for alternate reading materials, Bookshare is an excellent, free, option for schools to consider (https://www.bookshare.org). https://docs.google.com/a/ghaea.org/file/d/0B2H7NXIS9CMxQWx5Uk1kZ2JlTmM/edit?pli=1 https://docs.google.com/a/ghaea.org/document/d/1WpIN3gp9B3vFzu60CNyGgszg0lt7e0iOVsxDYbdzfPk/edit 
Andy Vanfossan My Big Campus The My Big Campus presentation will be a general overview of how MBC works. My Big Campus is a lot like Edmodo except there are more things that are accessible to teachers and students that will allow both to access information from one central location. My Big Campus has to be used in schools that use the Lightspeed Filter System. Bedford & Harlan  
Angie Hance Save Your Best App til Last - Technology Smackdown The technology "smackdown" is a way for educators to showcase different technologies that they use in their classrooms! Participants are asked to share a web 2.0 tool or iPad application that they have found effective in using with students. Each participant gets about a minute to share, so be prepared to volunteer! A computer will be available for you to use to showcase websites/web 2.0 tools. You can also hook your iPad up through "Reflection" to share your iPad screen with the audience to showcase an app or two! Bedford & Harlan https://docs.google.com/a/ghaea.org/file/d/0BwUwN4kPVnu_eGhPU0pmajdSVzg/edit 
Angie Hance Educreations - Turn Your iPad into a Recordable Whiteboard Educreations turns your iPad into a recordable whiteboard. Creating a great video tutorial is as simple as touching, tapping and talking. Explain a math formula... Create an animated lesson... Add commentary to your photos... Diagram a sports play... With voice recording, realistic digital ink, photos and text, and simple sharing through email, Facebook or Twitter, now you can broadcast your ideas from anywhere. Harlan https://docs.google.com/open?id=0BwUwN4kPVnu_RTA2SEtqODl3aDA 
Angie Hance Educreations - Turn Your iPad into a Recordable Whiteboard Educreations turns your iPad into a recordable whiteboard. Creating a great video tutorial is as simple as touching, tapping and talking. Explain a math formula... Create an animated lesson... Add commentary to your photos... Diagram a sports play... With voice recording, realistic digital ink, photos and text, and simple sharing through email, Facebook or Twitter, now you can broadcast your ideas from anywhere. Bedford  
Cameron McCoy IPTV Secondary Resources Join Iowa Public Television to learn about the variety of multimedia educational resources that are available to Iowa teachers at no charge: videos, interactives, lesson plans, documents and more. Learn how to find engaging media resources and how to effectively use them in your classroom. Bedford & Harlan  
Cameron McCoy IPTV Elementary Resources Join Iowa Public Television to learn about the variety of multimedia educational resources that are available to Iowa teachers at no charge: videos, interactives, lesson plans, documents and more. Learn how to find engaging media resources and how to effectively use them in your classroom. Bedford & Harlan  
Carla Christensen Penpals in the 21st Century Demonstrating how we enhance our penpal experience by using skype, powerpoint, digital cameras, flip camera (video) and google docs. Bedford & Harlan  
Carl Rankin/Donnie Weed Digital Broadcasting with iLife Applications, Green Screen and Live Streaming Teachers from Bedford will share and demonstrate their activities with digital broadcasting and video production using iMovie and GarageBand, along with creating their own green screen room, and a teleprompter. The session will share student examples from many content areas and grade levels, as well as a hands-on tour of their green screen room video lab and how easy it is for any school to build their own. High school students will also be available to demonstrate/share their live streaming of sporting events with Livestream.com. Bedford https://docs.google.com/a/ghaea.org/folder/d/0Bz4sUu8kwzNFaGM1Vi14RFpuWDQ/edit 
Chad Bruns The 21st Century Classroom - Paperless, Student Centered and Available 24/7 This presentation will focus on how teachers can create a classroom environment that is student centered and allows for student choice in how they learn. This presentation will also discuss how to eliminate paper assignments and tests as well as how the classroom no longer has to end when the bell rings. Harlan  
Cheryl Case This isn't the App for That Choosing apps wisely for kids in special education and when targeting specific goals. Bedford & Harlan  
Cindy Nichols Using Computers to Enhance Your Music Instruction In this session we will discuss experiences with computers in the music classroom with an emphasis on Moodle and Comprehensive Musicianship. Harlan  
Cindy Nichols/Dominic Giegerich Coug Crew - Student Technology Assistance Team The uses and development of a student-led technology team to assist students and teachers in the application of technology tools for improved learning. What's working really well and what we really need to improve. Harlan  
Dale McRitchie What Can You Do In Your Classroom Today that Will have an Immediate Positive Impact? What Can You Do In Your Classroom Today That Will Have An Immediate Positive Impact? Use Turning Technologies' student response systems for formative assessment and frequent progress monitoring in order to promote data driven differentiated instruction and to meet the learning needs of each of your students. Our technology is the ideal tool to implement educational and pedagogical best practices effectively. Research proves that student response can result in 15 point gains in student achievement. Bedford & Harlan  
Dana Nally 1:1 from the Prinicpal's Perspective Join a discussion on topics that I have encountered as a principal with the implementation of our 1:1 laptop program such as: Bootcamp for parents and students, distribution of laptops, handbook policies, discipline, PD, teacher buy-in. Bedford  
Dave Fringer 1:1 with Chromebooks Council Bluffs Community Schools has gone One-To-One with Google Chromebooks. Learn about the device, professional development, infrastructure, management, and deployment of 4300 Google Chromebooks. Bedford & Harlan  http://goo.gl/VyNTv 
David Moore (Google Data Center Manager) Google Innovation Engine Come hear about the latest from Google --- hangout, experiments such as project glass, autonomous vehicles and much more. Harlan  
David Stiles Craz-E World of ebooks (repeated in Session 2) Dive into the hottest (and most confusing) topic in the education world today—ebooks. Yes they’re here to stay, so let’s figure out how you can find the best ones for your school. The world of education is moving at lightning speed with interactive ebooks and interactive databases. This presentation will teach librarians how to find and incorporate these materials into their school libraries and classrooms. We have the answers to your questions, so join us as we explore the Craz-E world of ebooks! Bedford & Harlan  
Deanna Etherington Investigating Iowa AEA Online Resources for Secondary Science Classrooms Iowa AEA Online has a wealth of high quality, web-based resources that are easy for both teachers and students to use. Bring your laptops to this hands-on, interactive session for an introduction to Iowa AEA Online resources for secondary science instructors. Harlan https://docs.google.com/a/ghaea.org/document/d/1ZIyQCqhdfKZzc2GkUVDiuxrepdDpGjZGDxjfT4AUHNQ/edit 
Deb Brix/Liz Hall/Toshia Kasperbauer/Sandy Leinen/Joan Musich/Mary Renkly/Kim Zaconne Collaborative Lessons Incorporating Technology and the Iowa Core Seventh grade teachers at HCMS will explain how they work together to create lesson plans to incorporate CEI and the Iowa Core. The teachers will demonstrate how they use Project-Based Learning and free technology applications such as Storybird, TenMarks, and Time Toast to achieve student learning. Student projects will be shown. Teachers will explain how they use a learning management system to organize, communicate, and make resources accessible for students. Harlan https://docs.google.com/a/ghaea.org/spreadsheet/ccc?key=0AkQSPdKgRIUsdGRqNWpVZ25WdTExbWw0Y2lIX3NiTmc#gid=0 
Dominic Giegerich So You Can Tweet, Now What? - A Twitter Developed Professional Learning Network How to utilize Twitter to individualize your own professional growth and network. Harlan  
Dustin Frank Mimeo Studio's New Activity Wizard - The New Alternative to IWB Come explore Mimio Studio’s new Activity Wizard. The new, affordable alternative to Interactive Whiteboards (IWB). See how quick and easy you can build activities for daily use. We’ll also explore how Mimio’s new software can automatically use other IWB lessons such as SMART and Promethean. Turn your dry erase board into a full IWB at a fraction of the cost. Bedford & Harlan  
Dustin Frank Livescribe Smartpen - Technology for the 21st Century See how the Livescribe Pulse pen can be used in numerous ways as both a teacher and student tool. Check out how you can upload digital content, make student learning guides or even let students use the pen to create dynamic interactive projects. Check out this amazing tool at an affordable cost for daily use in classrooms everywhere. Bedford & Harlan  
Ed Kowieski Web-based Autism Resources & Successful Learners Overview of the evidence-based web resources created at the Monarch Center for Autism in OH for use in schools for children ages 3 - 21+ with autism. Demonstration of the types of pre-made lessons available for special education and other staff and parents targeting both academic and social/behavioral skills needed to become independent. Bedford & Harlan  
Elaina Johnson Integrating Technology Resources into the Early Childhood Classroom In this session, we will explore easy and fun ways to use technology resources with young children to enhance their cognitive development. I will show examples of how to use technology with kindergartners, including iMovie, Garage Band, flip camera, green screen, and more. Bedford  
Evan Abbey Blended Learning in Your Classroom This session gives you an understanding of what "blended" means, what it looks like and how to get started in your own classroom. Harlan  
Evan Abbey/Rob Brookhart/Deborah Humpal/Peggy Steinbronn Moodle: Tips and Tricks This session will give you an overview of the Moodle platform and how to use it to create content. We will also provide resources for working with Moodle in your classroom. Harlan  
Gail Maxwell Engaging Elementary Projects I will show a variety of elementary technology projects done by students to show understanding of essential skills and concepts. The projects will be done with free Web 2.0 applications that are cross-platform. Bedford & Harlan https://docs.google.com/a/ghaea.org/document/d/1-kkxYTiZXdrMPOUQ3mwvclZL5Q1eT-ow2m9mEoWDG7k/edit 
Gail Thatcher Google Sites and Google Drive This session is geared toward business teachers and will cover using google sites to communicate with students and parents, using google docs and google mail to differentiate learning in the classroom and using google sites to build a student portfolio. Bedford  
Georgiann Andersen Classmaker and Schoology See how Classmarker makes testing easy. These resources will certainly save you time and make online test taking easier on your students. Classmarker can be used to create short tests to assess the development of content knowledge and to save the time correcting. Safeguards against cheating with the ability to randomize questions and answers. Best of all --- it's free. Expose your students to the benefits of online classes and social networking with Schoology. Schoology is a web 2.0 tool to do just that. It also allows you to go electronic with assignments, resources and even testing. It uses a "facebook" type format which allows students to adapt quickly and easily. There is both a free and a paid version. Harlan  
Ginger Bechtold "appy" hour This sessions would be a sharing session of ipad and iphone apps. Bedford & Harlan https://docs.google.com/a/ghaea.org/document/d/1YNIQszCqrcKuBEFS7D5fYsq3LIscZZvhB_Lq1q6I2FI/edit 
Gregg Cruickshank Financing and Gathering Support for 1:1 Financing, gather community and board support for 1:1 program - get more information from him later Bedford  
Heather Lundquist Edmodo - Improving Communication in the Classroom This presentation will show how edmodo can be used as an effective communication tool between teacher, students, and parents. It will also show how edmodo can be used to assign and turn in work, resource library, and so much more! Bedford & Harlan  
Heather Lundquist GoogleDocs in the Language Arts Classroom Ways to use google docs including forms, docs, presentations, sites within a language arts classroom. Also can be modified for any curricular area. Bedford & Harlan  
Jaime Apperson iPad in Special Education Incorporate the use of iPads in special education to meet learners needs. Bedford https://docs.google.com/a/southpageschools.com/document/d/1sRBRwmTApWUt1406XRVR9_Mi7aeuTEd-ShvoFE54iPY/edit 
Jane Chaillie/Gail Maxwell Model Classroom Using student created WWII webpages, the model "students" will be examining content using Google forms. After completing the form, they will collaborate to analyze and evaluate the site's content and make suggestions for improvement to the site so it is a better resource for others. Harlan  
Janelle Erickson/Leanne Fluckey Engaging Students with Technology Driven Classroom Projects Learn how to create projects that incorporate different Web 2.0 tools. Other concepts that will be addressed in this session include: the characteristics of effective instruction, Bloom's Digital Taxonomy, and contract grading. Bedford http://engagingtechprojects.wikispaces.com/ 
Janette Bereuter Implementing AAC in Daily Activities We will cover a variety of implementation strategies and resources which will empower teams to more effectively implement a full range of AAC systems into daily routines and activities. Bedford & Harlan  
Janette Bereuter Implementing AAC Who What When and How We will cover some basic Alternative and Augmentative Communication concerns including the following: Which students might benefit from AAC? Which AAC systems (low tech to high tech) might be appropriate for students? When should teams consider AAC? How should teams differentiate between systems and options? This will be a presentation geared towards AAC in general and will include the full range of AAC options available to teams. Bedford & Harlan  
Jay Lutt Supts and Principals: How to collaborate with board members, administrators and teachers while running paperless meetings. Teachers are changing the way they deliver contact and the Supt and principal can as well. Details are given on how to run a paperless but more importantly a collaborative meetings using Google Docs. There will also be demonstration on how other Google programs and free applications and programs can be used to simplify your life. Bedford  
Jeff Moser/Sarah Fink Professional Development in the 21st Century This session will share examples of planning and delivering professional development in the 21st Century. Examples will include the integration of technology into the classroom as well as use of technology to deliver the professional development session. Participants will have the opportunity to experience some the actions that were used in teacher learning sessions. Technology integration into other learning strategies will be the main focus. Harlan PD in the 21st C 
Jen Fogelsong/Carissa Otto/Denise Young Using Various Assistive Technology Programs to Modify Classroom Materials The focus will be on helping teachers to use software programs to modify materials to help with accessing the core curriculum (instruction and assessment). We will be showing how to make high tech and low tech materials with programs such as: Boardmaker, Boardmaker Plus, Clicker 6, Powerpoint, Judy Lynn Software, Kurzweil, Read & Write Gold, Classroom Suite. Bedford & Harlan https://docs.google.com/a/ghaea.org/spreadsheet/ccc?key=0AgUwN4kPVnu_dEpJUXB3NDFHMVBZaEtPXzZQXzRYdFE#gid=0 
Jessica Fincel Twitter Basic 101 Do you have a Twitter account? Why not? Let's get you signed up!! Harlan https://docs.google.com/a/atlanticiaschools.org/file/d/0B0eGy1j63YTUS0VyelpOLUJYcm8/edit 
Jessica Fincel Zooburst ZooBurst is a digital storytelling tool that lets anyone easily create his or her own 3D pop-up books Zooburst is a great way for assessment and creativity. Harlan https://docs.google.com/a/atlanticiaschools.org/file/d/0B0eGy1j63YTUMXhOVkdjVGpuTWM/edit 
John Stile Server Management with VMware with a SAN Provide server management in a VMware environment. Will also tie storage to a SAN sever using SAS connection. Bedford & Harlan  
John Stile Students as Tech Support This session would focus on students supporting/addressing technology needs. It would also guide district how to utilize students to provide tech support for 1:1 initiatives. Bedford & Harlan https://docs.google.com/a/cbcsd.org/presentation/d/1sDH32pUmw4Ts00vXleRTCs9Toln3fJ1eAahbFSd6Xak/edit#slide=id.p 
John Stile/Jon McGreevy 1:1 Cloud Management Using Stoneware See how Council Bluffs Schools utilize stoneware to provide a single sign on to district apps (local and web hosted). Bedford & Harlan https://docs.google.com/a/ghaea.org/present/view?id=0AbUmU6BDKlDaZGdoNTR4NGdfMjdnNnJqemoyeg 
Joni Ehm/Susie Knott Foreign Language Learning in the 1:1 Classroom Two Spanish teachers discuss the use of multimedia projects, internet resources and web 2.0 applications in their foreign language classrooms. Bedford & Harlan  
Judy Griffin QR Codes in the Classroom Come and learn all about QR Codes and the many ways to use them in your classroom. Harlan QR Codes in the Classroom 
Julie Stessman/Mary Carstens Teach Town Provide an overview of the use of Teach Town with students ages 2-7. Demonstrate lessons on-computer, off-computer, social skills, and connection to core curriculum. Will also describe the data collection feature of the program and its use in instructional decision making. We will also include how Teach Town can be used at home. Bedford & Harlan https://docs.google.com/open?id=0BwUwN4kPVnu_RmVfS2JBMjVGWkE 
Kate Gatto TakingITGlobal Launched in 2000, TakingITGlobal (www.tigweb.org) hosts an online multilingual community of youth from around the world who use social networking to create positive global change. Young leaders logging into TIG inspire each other to make a difference, learn about issues that matter and find opportunities to constructively channel their energy and ideas into action. Bedford & Harlan https://docs.google.com/a/ghaea.org/file/d/0BwUwN4kPVnu_aHhUTVI0b0s0OUE/edit 
Kevin Honeycutt From In-Trouble to In-Business Educators challenged with working with at-risk learners often find themselves overwhelmed and burned out. In this presentation or training I show them how to incorporate new, powerful tools to challenge kids to become entrepreneurs using online business models and free software. Bedford & Harlan  
Kevin Honeycutt Visionary Leadership This presentation is designed for educational leaders. Kevin shares many tools and ideas for seeing the future and adapting to it in time to lead schools in positive, new directions. Bedford & Harlan  
Kevin Honeycutt Challenges and Opportunities for Today's Learning Mind Delve into the multi-tasking, quick researching, opportunity seeking mind and seek to help participants imagine ways we can empower students to become skillful in using the tools of today to become better learners, headed toward brighter futures. Bedford & Harlan  
Kevin Honeycutt Before They Click In this presentation I delve into the difference between firewalls and teaching kids positive behaviors with digital tools and in virtual places. I talk about cyber-bullying and offer suggestions for guiding kids away from behaviors that are damaging to victims as well as bullies. I share resources and sites that are helpful for mentors of “digital” kids. This is a balanced conversation that illuminates many positive digital tools that educators can use to bring out the best in kids. Bedford & Harlan  
Kim Antisdel/Brandon Eighmy/Dana Lillis Gearing Up for the 21st Century - Go Big or Go Home Clarke Community School District promotes an environment which leverages technology to provide a superior education system and prepares its students to succeed in a global society. Join the Clarke administrative team as they share their journey for their much anticipated 1:1 iPad rollout in January. We will share our journey from the planning to implementation. Bedford & Harlan Clarke Presentation 
Kim Curry Create, Connect and Collaborate in the Everyday Classroom Moving students from passive to active in the everyday classroom and teaching kids to Create, Connect and Collaborate instead of just Read, Receive, and Research. Showing Blooms 2.0 Taxonomy to help demonstrate the things teachers should be using in the classroom to help enhance instruction. Reinforcing differentiated instruction through Student-Centered, Project-Based Learning. Bedford & Harlan  
Kim Curry Infusing Google into the Classroom Infusing Google into the classroom goes beyond docs, mail and calendar. It explores using Maps, Voice and Earth, along with Forms in the classroom. Bedford & Harlan  
Lisa Buerrero Benefits of Classroom Audio Come and learn about the benefits of classroom audio. Bedford & Harlan  
Liz Graves/Linda Wax Using iPads/iPhones in Physical Education How to use ipads and iphones in your physical education classes. Also using other technologies that can add more to your physical education classes. Harlan  
Lori Paup Casper Suite Casper Suite is a device management software that allows for a more streamlined management of computers, iOS devices and servers. Very beneficial software for 1:1 schools to assist the technology director/coordinator in re-imaging, data recording, and management of district hardware and software. Bedford & Harlan  
Marla Shifflett Geocaching Using handheld GPS units to teach about global positioning systems and how they work, including information about satellites, coordinates, setting waypoints, etc. Students will explain what geocaching is and how it works, as well as what they have learned. While we certainly use computers to access a geocaching website, most of lessons revolve around the use of handheld units. Bedford  
Maryann Angeroth Collaborating, Convenience: The Why of Social Bookmarking  Build educator's and student's personal learning networks with social-bookmarking tools. Come prepared to embrace the convenience of social-bookmarking then take the leap of participating in a community of learners as you add a new tool to your personal learning network. This session will showcase; Diigo and Symbaloo. These allow access to bookmarks anywhere plus collaboration opportunities. Participants will create accounts and explore using these with students. Harlan https://sites.google.com/a/ghaea.org/social-bookmarking/ 
Maryann Angeroth/Tina Wahlert Transformational Technology and the 21st Century Classroom: Iowa Core and Authentic Intellectual Work Participants would be introduced to the transformation technology website. The site will assist educators in select appropriate technology tools to enhance rigor in the classroom and meet the standards set by Iowa Core and Authentic Intellectual Work. Interactive - instructional videos will be used for teachers to practice choosing the appropriate technology to increase the level of higher order thinking in their classrooms. https://sites.google.com/a/ghaea.org/aiw-iowacore-techintegration/ Bedford & Harlan https://sites.google.com/a/ghaea.org/social-bookmarking/ 
Mary Schlegelmilch IT or Educators -- Who's Driving the Bus? (repeated in Session 3) Who holds the vision for technology in your institution? Stakeholder alignment is critical to creating and implementing a technology vision with today's economic challenges. Technology empowers and engages teaching and learning and expands the time, space, boundaries and relationships of education. Anywhere, anytime, any device andy content teaching and learning enables educational institutions to extend the walls of the traditional classroom. Development of a vision enables your institution to travel safely and reach your destinations. Bedford & Harlan  
Matt Schmitz The Tech Director's Toolbox From open source software to paperless classrooms, 10 valuable tools that every technology director can utilize to make students and teachers in their district happy and manage their workflow more efficiently. Bedford & Harlan  
Matt Schmitz Apple Platform Management with Casper Suite Change the way you manage your client devices with Casper Suite. Casper Suite allows you to image, install, inventory, and set user policies for users and hardware in your district. Learn tricks to efficiently use all these functions of the Casper Suite and tips to leverage the software database to keep track of user data, create your own software store, and advanced scripting tools to take control of your Macs and iOS devices. Bedford & Harlan  
Megan Farrell Talk To Me Technologies: Providing A+ Alternative Communication Solutions and Support (repeated in Session 2) This session is a demonstration and discussion of Talk To Me Technologies' superior support, service and products for students with augmentative and alternative communication needs. Attendees will learn about Talk To Me's "A-to-Z" practices, including the pre-screening process, evaluation support, trial procedures, funding services, training and expert consultation that is available for educational support teams and families. In addition Talk To Me Technologies has recently announced the upcoming release of a Pogo Boards App? Pogo Boards is an amazing, full-featured, robust, web-based solution for creating communication boards and learning materials. Participants will get a snapshot of how easy it is to design and edit your boards online via PogoBoards.com.....and then use your boards on the iPad/iPod! www.pogoboards.com www.wegotalk.com Bedford & Harlan  
Mike Brown/Cindy Unger Trimble SketchUp 8 This session will demonstrate the use of Trimble SketchUp 8 (formerly Google SketchUp). This session will help teachers decide if they would like students to use SketchUp 8 to explore, explain and present their understanding of Iowa Core standards and benchmarks using 2D and 3D models. The course will show opportunities and lesson ideas that will help educators implement Iowa Core Content and Standard of Mathematical Practices by engaging their students in hands on activities that will help build a deeper understanding of the content. Using technology such as SketchUp, helps support the Iowa Core Characteristics of Instruction by allowing the teacher to teach for understanding and make the lesson more student centered. Harlan https://sites.google.com/a/ghaea.org/mike-brown-s-trimble-sketchup/home 
Mitch Osborn/Josh Rasmussen/Chad Swanson/Dave Wiebers Coaching and Technology Acitivities Directors and Coaches - this one is for you!!! This panel of activities directors and coaches will discussion the use of social media (Twitter, Facebook), HUDL (film exchange for coaches and players), iPad apps for stats plus other topics of interest. Harlan  
Nick Sauers 1:1 Isn't Enough! This session will focus on 6 "critical attributes" schools should consider if they truly want to change teaching and learning. If these attributes are embraced, 1:1 becomes a very powerful tool for change. Bedford  
Norma McCutchan Prezi: Keep It Moving Teaching and learning can become fun! Prezis provide visual stimulation to hold interest and opens up doors for teachers and students to make information more interactive and interesting. This program can easily be taught which leads to interesting research projects and demonstrations. It's free for educators and students. More than a slide presentation - videos, projects and many other resources can be embedded in the projects. Teachers and students can take the time they need to discuss a specific part of the project before moving to the next visual. Bedford  
Pam Elwood/Ami Leath iPads and Whiteboards in Early Childhood Classrooms This session will feature a collaborative professional learning community that includes several Pre-K and K teachers and two GHAEA early childhood consultants. Recommendations for virtual PLC's will be included in this session. The embedded technology will be demonstrated (specifically the use of ipads and interactive whiteboard applications) that supports Pre-K and Kindergarten children across content areas through both instruction and formative assessment. Harlan  
Pam Elwood/Ami Leath/Libby Weber iPads and Whiteboards in Early Childhood Classrooms This session will feature a collaborative professional learning community that includes several Pre-K and K teachers and two GHAEA early childhood consultants. Recommendations for virtual PLC's will be included in this session. The embedded technology will be demonstrated (specifically the use of ipads and interactive whiteboard applications) that supports Pre-K and Kindergarten children across content areas through both instruction and formative assessment. Bedford  
Paulette Madson It's an Avatar World To meet the requirements for 21st Century Skills inclusion into our school curriculum we created a semester class with Avatar Families. Students draw for their family with number of children, number of adults and family income. Then, they decide careers (based on income), ages of children, interests, where they live, housing, transportation, taxes, insurance, plus unexpected costs and unexpected landfalls. They produce a presentation to share with the rest of the class about decisions they had to make for their families and what they learned. To bring the assignment home, they complete the next step in their I Have a Plan Iowa, examine leadership skills and goal setting and create a plan for their own future. Harlan  
Randy Bolton Assistive Technology in the Classroom I recently attended the ICATER Summer Institute in Council Bluffs. I gained a vast amount of information from this conference that I'd be honored to share with educators in our region. I will present information about apps that can be used with students and apps that can aid staff. I will also introduce some software that could enhance learning in the classroom. Bedford  
Rebecca Sterbick Dynamic Digital Learning for Elementary Educators I will be using digital learning resources that inspire new levels of learning for elementary students in a variety of ways. Example: Scholastic News (Grade 2) Interactive Magazine which provides Common Core Standards based digital resources. Text read aloud features differentiated reading instruction and fluency practice and modelling. I will include quality videos which inspire and enhance and deepen understanding of the topic. I will focus on non-fiction and fiction text structures, explicit vocabulary instruction, learning games that focus on practicing synonyms, antonyms, sight words, vocabulary, contractions, compound words, etc. Reading Comprehension questions, math graph activities, and map skills practice will be included in the session. Bedford & Harlan  
Rob Brookhart/Deborah Humpal/Peggy Steinbronn Blended Learning in Your Classroom This session gives you an understanding of what "blended" means, what it looks like and how to get started in your own classroom. Bedford  
Rob Brookhart/Deborah Humpal/Peggy Steinbronn Moodle: Tips and Tricks This session will give you an overview of the Moodle platform and how to use it to create content. We will also provide resources for working with Moodle in your classroom. Bedford  
Robin Borrall Using Technology to Help Plan and Organize Instruction (weebly.com and planbook.com) Learn how to create and manage your own teacher webpage that will allow you to share information with parents/students. It is easy to use, looks very professional and very inexpensive. There are many possibilities of things to put on your teacher webpage. Students can use your webpage to find information, use it for your lesson plans. weebly.com and planbook.com allow you to plan your daily lessons and note which of the common Core Standards you will be covering in that lesson. You can also share part or all of your lesson plans with parents/students. Bedford & Harlan  
Sandy Donner Smart Board Learning Learn how to provide hands on training on a smart board and to intergrate the technology into the curriculum. There will be hands-on lessons so you can see how easy it is to move the object to provide a stimulating learning experience. Bedford & Harlan  
Scott Rucker Using Movie Maker and Atomic Learning Learn how to implement Windows Movie Maker into any presentation project (with little or no knowledge of WMM). Specifically, you will see how WMM and Atoming Learning have been used in a Physical Science project that is inquiry-based and almost entirely student-driven. Harlan  
Sharon Irelan SPARKS - Handheld Data Collection Device I will introduce the participants to the SPARK - a handheld data collection device. The participants will have an opportunity to explore how the device works, the lessons that are available on the SPARK, and what probes are available for checkout through GHAEA Media Center. Bedford https://docs.google.com/a/ghaea.org/file/d/0BwUwN4kPVnu_dk5tZWpaV2NNTlE/edit 
Shelley Constant Kurzweil 3000 The Kurzweil family of research-based assistive technology provides individuals, schools and districts with access to text and curriculum. The software aligns to both to state and national standards and the solutions are comprehensive, easily deployed and can be customized to meet the individual needs of all those who struggle with literacy. For struggling readers, English Language Learners, as well as students with physical challenges, Kurzweil 3000 provides critical features for active and independent learning, participation in the integrated classroom, and more importantly, for keeping up with peers. Bedford & Harlan https://docs.google.com/a/ghaea.org/file/d/0BwUwN4kPVnu_bzBEM1YwRmppXzA/edit 
Sherra Weldon Edmodo Ideas and uses of Edmodo in the classroom. Bedford  
Sherri Boschee/Karina Snider Technology in the Rehearsal and Music Classrooms Learn how to integrate technology into the rehearsal setting and general music classroom. Introduction to some helpful software and internet sites designed for music teachers. Bedford https://docs.google.com/a/ghaea.org/file/d/0BwUwN4kPVnu_V0VOSzlNLVJBbzQ/edit 
TJ Dunphy/Dominic Giegerich 1:1 Learning, a Tale of Two Cass County Cities A compare and contrast of two similar high schools in two similar communities at different stages of implementation of a "1 to 1 Initiative". This session is for those who are interested in how things are going at a district that has been doing it awhile and a district that has been doing it a short time. A time for questions will be provided. Harlan  
Val Stickler RTI iPad App Introduce an iPad app that is used to keep track of tier one, two and three students in any area of concern. The app is easy to use for ongoing documentation of anything academic, behavior, or medical. Teachers input the information for each student along with a photo. Documentation can be emailed directly to anyone who needs to be updated. This tool has been very helpful for keeping track of students who come in for before and after school interventions, small groups etc. Bedford  
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